Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stash Raid

For a change it's not stitching stash. LOL.

My XDH, Mick, works in a place that used to be owned by the BBC, and where they used to make 'Byker Grove'. Since they stopped making the programme the building has been deserted, but quite a lot of the furniture and stationery I've been raiding. Tomorrow we're going back with a van for a new desk, and a couple of other things. Today I got staplers, hole punchers, padded envelopes, pens, and a shitload of A4 paper. Won't need to buy any of that for a while.
  • Karen - no there's no beads on St P as yet. I fib, there are 4 little blue beads on the right hand side, but you can't see them on the close up. The gold sparkly bits is metallic thread, of which there is loads.

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