Friday, August 31, 2007

Sale Site Updated

I've had a very busy couple of days with the sewing machine. I've sewn up 6 new needlecases and 17 thread sacks and put them all on my sale site - link on the right hand side bar - and now I'm officially knackered. And my back is killing me. But at least I have them out of the way. I need to buy more material - oh what am I talking about, I just ordered STACKS of fat quarters and it's all on the way. I definitely need to buy more form board though, and I need to make some more needlecases and I might do more fobs too. Although they aren't selling as well as I thought they might. I've been giving them away as RAOK's instead. It's nice to receive something homemade for a change.

Did you know...the Northumberland flag is based on a traditional flag which is possibly the oldest flag design in Britain. The Venerable Bede records a banner of purple and gold hung over the tomb of St Oswald. The flag of the ancient kingdom has eight alternate stripes of red and yellow/gold.

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