Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Latest

Thanks for all the comments to my last few posts. To answer a couple of things:

  • Antibiotics - as well as the thrush I do have another infection, which is why these have been prescribed. I know they don't help the thrush but the GP is trying to get rid of the other infection as well.
  • Canestan - is crap. I've had it loads of times, in all available forms, and it's never done me any good at all.

I've been waiting for the postie all day as I'm expecting another model to do from Jo at Polstitches Designs. When the kids got home I asked them if they'd had any post at work, and they informed me that the postal workers were on strike again today. Well that settled that then. LOL. I'm hoping they're back tomorrow and that the parcel turns up. It was posted on Monday after all, recorded delivery. It would have got here quicker if she'd walked up herself.

I've done loads more stitching on Blue Sky Sampler and am hoping to have it finished by the time Craig gets back from Skeggy tomorrow, so with any luck I'll be able to take a photo of it and put it in my next post.

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Heather said...

The strike has been extended for another 24 hours and is due to end on the 9th August, for them to go back on strike 10 hours later for at least another 2 weeks and all airmail services will be affected too.

With the recorded, they're not guaranteeing that they will be able to get it out within the time they state (4 days on 1st class on normal non strike days).