Saturday, May 05, 2007

WOOHOO! New Car Alert!

Well I've been and got it. I finally have my new car. The change over was fairly painless, all done over the computer in the Ford dealership. All I had to do was enter a PIN number and sign a couple of bits of paper and that was it. Job done. So now I have a shiney royal blue car, no scratches or dints (yet) and with very sensitive brake and clutch pedals, which will take some getting used to. But at least it doesn't rattle and squeal like the old one did. Bliss. I will try and get a photo sometime soon. I don't want to stand out at the front of the house taking a photo cos I'll look like a complete prat. Might get Craig to do it, or wait till we're out and about somewhere.

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Julie said...

new cars a lovely colour, lucky you