Sunday, May 13, 2007

Changed my mind...

at 7am yesterday morning and ended up going down to Nuneaton for the GTG. Got there at about 11.15am and had a great time, chatting, meeting new people and catching up with gossip, oh and I even managed some stitching.

Back Row L-R: Jan, Darren, Hayley, Nichola, Tammy, Wendy, Moll, Tanya, Clare, Lynn, Chris, Jacqui, Nicola and Sarah

Behind front row L to R: Mel and Hannah

Front Row Seated L to R: Angie, ME, Colly

We went to a pub afterwards, where I had a passable fish and chips, and made a complaint to the bar staff about the fact that there were two work vans parked in the only two disabled parking spots, one of which was needed by me. Needless to say, nothing was done about it. Oh well. I stayed the night at Colette's house. She offered me her spare bed so I took her up on it, saved me driving 200 miles home again. Her hubby Richard is a great bloke, and we had a right laugh watching the results of the Eurovision Song Contest. I didn't see any of the singing but actually the scoring is usually more hilarious than the rest of the show anyway, especially Terry Wogan's sarky comments. And as usual, we did crap!

I left Colly's at 10am this morning and after filling up with petrol, headed for home, stopping once at Scotch Corner to have a pee...oh the relief! I finally got home by 1.30pm. I managed to get some stitching done at the GTG yesterday but haven't done any since I got back. I have a RR to try and finish tomorrow but it could be a day or two late in being posted. Then back to the model stitching I think. Hope everyone else had a good weekend.


Stitcher said...

It was nice to meet you Jacqui, I know we didn't chat much, but now I can put a name to the face.

Sally said...

Sounds like you had a great time Jacqui. I hope Chris behaved herself! Lol!

Karen said...

nice photo , sounds like you had a great time

Annemarie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Jacqui! We always watch the Erurovision Song Contest on the Beeb for Wogan's comments. The Dutchies are unbearable!

Kathy said...

He he had a feeling you would go in the end. So glad you had a nice time there and at Collys.

Lots of lovely stitching I can see too, can't wait to see the framed Loopy Lou back.

Only 2 wks til my visit lol.

Take care Hugs xxxxxxxx