Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Autumn Fairy Spirit Update

This was taken last night, but I've done quite a bit more since then. The left hand wing is almost finished but I've run out of Petite Treasure Braid. I've ordered some from Sew & So and I'm hoping it'll come in the morning. Need to do a bit of gold beading down the outside of the left wing too then I can scroll it all back up and finish the bottom half.

I met up with an old friend today, Helen, someone I've not seen for 9 years. We lost touch when I moved to Nottingham and I found her phone number when I found my old address book a couple of weeks ago. Luckily she's still on the same number, although I found out today that they've moved house. We had a good old chinwag and caught up with all our family gossip. Her oldest son and my youngest were best friends when we lived in the same village. It's great to be back in touch with her, and we're going to meet up regularly and keep in touch.

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lena-lou said...

I bet it was great to see an old friend again :-) Looks like you had a good GTG as well that you say about further down :-)

The wings on this are beautiful, love the pink in amongst them!