Saturday, May 05, 2007

I&UKR Needleroll Exchange

We've been doing a needleroll exchange on International & UK Robins and as you know I already sent Andrea the one I made for her, which she loved. On our way down to Cornwall we stopped off at Kathy's, who was my other exchange partner, and I received the one she made for me. It's lovely - thanks Sis! It's done a tour of the south west and has done a fair few miles since I got it. But it's come home safe and sound and has been unpacked. I now have two rolls in my collection and nowhere to keep them yet. Might have to have a trip to Au Naturale - in my new car naturally (you're gonna get sick of hearing about it by the way!) - and get a nice basket for them.

I got some nice stash from the Attic this morning. Some Needle Necessities threads, some Ozark Sampler threads and April's section of the SAL, two new L*K Flipits (June & July), and eight new pieces of material - 1 x Count On Me - June; 3 x Polstitches - Ripples of Rose, Silversage & Spring; 2 x Sugar Maple - Treetops & Morning Meadow; 2 x Sassy's - Stars & Celery.

And specially for Kathy, a couple of photos of the car. LOL. And I bet you thought I'd forget.

It's actually more royal blue than it looks in these photos.


Karen said...

your needleroll is lovely , ;o) car isnt toooo bad either lol its a super colour

Julie said...

beautiful needleroll, love it

Stitchingranny said...

Wow the needleroll is lovely Jacqui, Kathy made an excellent job with that one. Lucky you.

Yep I approve of the colour lol.

quiltorstitch said...

I like the needleroll, there is something about those that just makes me want to make a bunch and display them, they are always so pretty.

Cute car! New cars are always fun :D

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