Monday, May 07, 2007

WIP Progress

I've been working on a few things this weekend and have taken some up-to-date photos to show you all my progress.
First up is the Ozark Sampler SAL 2007.
April's section was the first 4 letters of the alphabet.

Next, Miss Mary Mack by La-D-Da. The chart calls for the whole thing to be done in black, but I

chose to do it in SSS Rummed Raisin instead. Or it could be Concord!

Lastly, for now anyway, is Elizabeth Designs In The Garden Of My Heart.

I've had to adapt some of the WDW in this as I didn't have them and I think it's working out ok.

That's it for now. I'm going to be doing some of 'The Earth...' next and then possibly Celtic Autumn. Will post more progress pics later on. Thanks for looking. Oh, and for those of you who leave comments, however cheeky some of them are (Helen and Kathy!), I really appreciate them. :o)


Anonymous said...

You've been busy, Jacqui. Miss Mary Mack looks great. I often substitute black too, as it can be such a harsh colour. Your choice looks wonderful!!

Annemarie said...

Hello? My, you have been busy Jacqui! Love the holiday pics, and LOVE your stitching! Wow! Mary Mack is great, and so is the ED project you're doing. Also, that needleroll is a stunner. I HAVE to do one some time soon.
Nice car, by the way :o)

Stitchingranny said...

Just love the garden of my heart Jacqui. And cheeky comments - I dont know what you mean he he he.

Sally said...

Fantastic progress on all your WIPs Jacqui. Love the ED one.

While I remember, you mentioned you might get PC Simple Little Quaker if Jayne had any in stock. When you stitch it ignore how much floss it says you'll need! I had three 5 yeard skeins and I've run out and still have quite a lot left to do!

Julie said...

you've been busy since you got back home LOL

love the ED 'Garden of my Heart' that is so pretty

Karen said...

great starts Jacqui

Lavender Rose said...

Miss Mary Mack is just the thing to be stitching!! I don't know...she just seems to fit my mood right now!! LOL I love your smokin' needles..
Deb in FL

Quality Tale said...


Really, u hv got gr8 stitching art...we indian also hv this type of art...but in recent days not seen ever...i am happy to see it..keep blogging...

quiltorstitch said...

Beautiful work Jacqui! I like the garden of my heart, well I like them all! They look fantastic :D Thanks for stopping by my blog, you are great :D