Friday, May 11, 2007

Off to the framers

I took Mistletoe (Loopylou Designs) to Jayne's the other day to be framed. I expect it'll be back in a couple of weeks, possibly longer as the framer is off on his holidays...AGAIN! He must make a good living doing framing, he's always on bloody holiday! Anyway, it's there and I can't wait to get it back, though I have no idea where I'm gonna hang it when it comes back.

I've been sewing needlecases the last couple of days. I was going to go down to Nuneaton tomorrow to the Aion bi-annual get-together, but I'm not feeling too well. It's that time of the month and I always feel crap. It doesn't help that I usually have a major flood and I don't like going anywhere cos I always feel so self-conscious. BLEUCH!
So instead, I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend working on the model for Jayne and hopefully get it finished by next weekend. Will have to work like the clappers, so the title of this blog will probably be totally apt. I have half the wings to do and the bottom half of the dress, tree branches and border. I need to get it finished ready to start another model for Jo at Polstitches.
PMSL! Mollie has just come in from the pouring rain, shook herself all over Craig and proceeded to dry herself on his trousers. Sensible dog.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I know what that's like. I have to take tablets each month now to stop it else I end up in hospital :o( It still takes about 9 days to stop totally though so don't think I've got it easy lol

Looking forward to seeing your framed work.

Lavender Rose said...

LOL Too funny, Jacqui!! I can just see that dog scene! Where may I ask is Miss Mary Mack in all this business????
Hugs, Deb

Karen said...

Good Mollie ;O) keep drying yourself on Craig
I haven't had that time of the month for over 3 years lol so much more stash money now LOL

Annemarie said...

Good luck with everything, Jacqui. Imagine that: your framer taking a holiday that you've paid for!