Friday, May 18, 2007


I never would have guessed that Carl King killed his Dad. Oh and poor Len, but at least he died with a smile on his face.

I have a new laptop with a built in web cam that also takes photos. Here you I took earlier. This is me at the front - obviously - and my darling daughter Kate. She is now after my old web cam cos she reckons hers is crap. LOL. I have most of the things installed on this new machine, but Vista doesn't like quite a few of them. It won't install Photoshop 7 and it took a while to install the Epson printer - the Brother one went straight on - the scanner is ok and the label printer, but need to configure my Palm with the computer once the battery has been recharged.
I missed Eastenders last night so I missed the car crash. It's on now though so I can catch up a bit, and will probably catch up more on Sunday. Or watch the one I recorded last night, that should do it. Wonder if there's anything decent on telly tonight. I should really be stitching, but I want to play around with this a bit longer first.


The needle & I said...

Congrats on the new laptop. It's nice to get a new one, but we are having problems with installing programs with Vista too, on my DH shop pc. Your DD looks just like you. Have a great stitchy weekend!!

Kathy said...

Great pic of you and Kate. Hope you manage to sort your lovely New Laptop out.

Hugs xxxxx

Julie said...

'waving to you Jacqui' congrats on the new laptop

Karen said...

nice picture, have fun playing with your new laptop

Kate said...

Mam i told you not to post that picture i look horrible in it :(

lena-lou said...

Nice picture and is not horrible of you. I hate the pics my Mum likes of me so know what you mean!

Congrats on the new laptop, I love mine and would walk around with it on a neck strap if I could ;-))