Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I dunno what Craig did to my PC this afternoon but I don't appear to have the 400+ viruses on it anymore. YIPPEE! It's been peeing me off all week, having stupid pop-ups every 10 seconds or so telling my computer is infected, go here to download this amazing fix it, blah blah blah. I was all set to reformat, had burnt everything I needed to keep on to several CDs, and Craig came up after our trip out this morning to make a start on that, but he changed his mind and did something else instead and touch wood, it's fixed.

This morning I dragged Craig off to the new(ish) Hobbycraft store at Team Valley, our first visit there since it opened a couple of months ago. It is huge and filled with lots of goodies. And if I had the time for all those extra crafts I could have spent a small fortune in there. However, I don't have the time so I only spent about £28. I bought a couple of patchwork magazines, some beads, some Kreinik #4 braid that I need for Celtic Autumn (and might still need more!), and some little pressies for certain people. THEN we went to Dainty Supplies in Washington, another place I hadn't been to till today. It's another treasure trove but with lots of stuff for papercraft more than for stitching. They do quite a bit of fabric, a large range of normal sewing threads (you know, proper sewing LOL) and lots of dried and silk flowers and candles and crafty bits and pieces. In there I bought 3 lengths of ribbon for £1, more beads and I'm sure there was something else but I can'r remember what. My memory is getting worse.

We came home via the Plant Plus nursery at Blagdon to get some more mouse traps and the Cheese Farm where we had something to eat. I didn't think much of the cheese farm to be honest with you, they didn't have much of a selection and what they did have was expensive. I much preferred the farm shop we visited a couple of months ago, in the same locality, where they had a huge selection of yummy stuff. I'm hoping to make another trip to that farm shop before I go away.

We've been to bingo tonight and as usual I won zilch. Mind you, neither did Craig, which is a wonder cos he normally wins every time he goes, jammy git. I did get close a couple of times but obviously that's not good enough. LOL.

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