Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Couple Of WIPs

On Tuesday I did some work on CA, inbetween a trip to the recently opened Hobbycraft at Team Valley and Dainty Supplies in Washington, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary. More about those later. I'm quite enjoying sewing CA and it's stitching up quite quickly considering I'm only working on her one day a week.

Yesterday and today I did some more stitching on Sue's photochart and I've figured out a way I can post updates without revealing identities too much...I'll blur the faces in Photoshop (God I love that program!) and hopefully no one will be any wiser. I have managed to complete another two pages on this, only another 20 to go. Sigh! There is no way this will be finished before I go on my trip.

Anyway, on to my visit to Hobbycraft and Dainty Supplies. Obviously I've been to Hobbycraft stores before, there was a brilliant one in Nottingham that I could never walk past without having to have a shufty inside. To be honest I'm not all that keen on the shop but they do have some nice stuff. If I had the time to pursue other hobbies I could spend a small fortune in there - oh how I wish! In the end I spent about £28 on a couple of patchwork magazines, some beads, several pieces of felt and a couple of little things for certain people who shall remain nameless. Don't want to get them too excited. On to Dainty Supplies which is a brilliant place. They didn't have much for stitchers as such, it was more things for papercrafts and other stuff, but I did buy three 1 metre lengths of ribbon for my ORT bags, some more beads (the ones I couldn't get at Hobbycraft), and erm...and some Kreinik #4 braid for CA. Or maybe I got that from the first place, I've forgotten. Anyway, I spent £12 in there and came home a happy bunny with a bit more stash for my collection.


Heather said...

CA looks great Jacqui and so does the photostitch. Keep up the good work ;)

Mandy said...

Er when did hobbycraft open at team valley? Guess where i'll be heading this weekend.... ooh i have monday off work too and it just by chance happens to be pay day today!! :oD

Celtic Autumn looking stunning by the way!!