Saturday, July 01, 2006


Some time last night, while we were all in bed, we were burgled. They got in through the toilet window (our toilet and bathroom are downstairs and the windows are tiny) which is left open all the time otherwise the smallest room starts to smell. And they got out of the back door. The key is left on the kitchen bench.
They took Craig's laptop, my purse containing all my bank and credit cards and about £40 in cash, both my mobile phones, my Sat Nav out my bag and my little palm computer thingy. They also took my rucksack type bag that I got from Craig for Christmas, which they must have used for carrying everything in, and which also contained our passports.
I was busy phoning the three credit card companies to cancel my credit cards when the police turned up. It's handy when they turn up before you even report a crime! Apparently someone had found my purse a couple of streets away and they'd phoned the police who came round here. I was gonna ring them after the credit card people anyway, they just beat me to it.
So now I am waiting for SOCO to arrive to fingerprint everywhere and take a cast of the lovely set of footprints that are in the back garden.

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Heather said...

OH Jacqui that's awful news. I hope they catch them and string them up.