Friday, July 07, 2006

Dalton Charlton...

...that's the name of our burglar. Not only does he need locking up for being a thieving git, but his mother does too for giving him such a stupid bloody name! We thought he was just a young lad, but according to the oracles of our street, Molly & Val, (Molly lives next door, Val lives on the other side of her), he's in his 40's. So he should know better than to break into peoples' houses and steal their stuff. I suppose technically speaking he didn't break in cos he got in the open toilet window, but that's not the point is it?! We haven't heard from the police yet about what happened to him in court, whether or not he's on remand or been bailed till his court case, but I'm hoping we hear something next week. AND I WANT MY PHONE BACK! It's murder not being able to text anyone.

Rant over!

I've been doing quite a bit of stitching on Sue's photo chart today. Unfortunately I can't post a picture cos we have a face now but it's coming on quite nicely. Will hopefully finish the current page tomorrow and make a good start on the next one while the Wimbledon Men's final is being played on Sunday, closely followed by the World Cup final, France v Italy. I don't suppose there'll be much else to watch on the TV. Might watch the Ladies final tomorrow, but will have to turn the volume down cos I think it's Sharapova in the final and she don't half make some noise when she's hitting the ball.


Heather said...

Ah well if it's Sharapova, I hope Justine Henin-Hardene wins the title.

Hmm what a name, I have to agree with you there Jacqui.

Kathy said...

Well you will be pleased to hear it was Sharapova in the final lol. Henin-hardene lost but you prob watched that anyway he he.

Hope the stitching is going well hun. Speak soon.

Hugs xxxxx