Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Busy Bee

Although it was too hot to CROSS stitch tonight, that didn't put me off doing some sewing with the machine. I've been making some needle cases, something I've been wanting to do for a while now.

All I did was take some finished cross stitch projects from the 'ready to do something with' drawer, line them with quilting material and then sew some felt 'pages' in for the needles. I think they've turned out ok and I'm really rather chuffed with them. And it made a change from making ORT bags - 16 of those I made at the weekend. Kathy has already claimed hers!

Craig has finally got his car fixed. He had a leak - brake pipe fluid I think...or maybe it was oil. I'm so mechanically minded aren't I!? Anyway, it's fixed now. So at least he won't be leaving stains all over the car park out the front and going through gallons of oil or brake fluid (or whatever it was he was going through) per week.

I had to do a meals on wheels mercy dash this afternoon. Mam and Dad have been having their kitchen and bathroom done by the council (well contractors, like we did about 18 months ago) and the bloke was there doing the kitchen floor today. So, to save them having to reconnect their cooker I boiled them some eggs and spuds - they were having salad for tea - and took them over for them on my way to collect Kate from work. That was my good deed for the day.

Dene had a skivy day today. I think his hay fever is playing up at the moment and as he's not the best pill taker in the world it doesn't help. He does have some tablets for it, but whether he takes them or not is another matter entirely. He had a stonking headache this morning and an aching stomach from coughing all night, so he has spent most of today in bed sleeping. Hopefully he'll be ok tomorrow.

Ian and his dad Mick are off to Crete for two weeks tomorrow sometime. I can't remember what time their flight is. Personally I think they should stay here - it's been hotter in this country than most of the rest of Europe over the last few days. Today has seen record temperatures, but us being Brits...we're never happy. We moan when it rains all the time and we moan when it's hot! LOL.

Craig and I went to Druridge Bay Country Park yesterday. We took a picnic for our lunch, and our books, and spent a very pleasant few hours sitting at a picnic bench overlooking the lake. We could have walked down the beach, but it was too hot and I

couldn't be bothered. It was just nice where we were, and the view was gorgeous. We called in at the Attic on the way home and picked up a magazine that Jayne had put aside for me.

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Kathy said...

He he you sure have been a busy bee lately sis lol.

Glad you had a lovely day out.


Kathy xxxxx