Thursday, July 06, 2006

Too hot to stitch

But I have been doing some anyway. I've finished my squares on three RRs over the last few days. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of them (mainly cos the camera was upstairs and I couldn't be bothered to go and get it), I was just so glad to get them finished and out of the way. The one for the Nutty Stitchers was the last one for that particular group and I have sent it back to Kirsty. She still has a square left to sew on it, but all those teddies will look cute when it's finished. The next one I finished was Tina's cat and dog RR for Kathy's Krafters. That too has been posted, to Kathy. And finally, today, I did my three squares on the Alphabet RR for UK Robins. I did my initials on this, J, M and E and it was a nursery alphabet this time. It's all parcelled up ready to mail to Jackie B in the morning.

Tomorrow I'm going to work on Sue's photo chart. It's only 3 weeks on Saturday till I go on my trip so I should really get a move on with it. But it's TOO HOT! We could do with a really good thunderstorm with lots of lightning, preferably at night so the lightning shows up better. We had a little bit of rain this afternoon but nothing to write home about. The shower only lasted about 20 minutes and then it was fair again, red hot and steaming. It is so hot in this bedroom tonight that I think I'm going to have difficulty sleeping.

The lad that the police caught for our burglary was supposed to be in court today for a remand hearing. We haven't heard anything from the police about what happened, but hopefully he's safely locked up again. Apparently he's not long been out of prison from his last stint and was on probation. I hope they throw the book at him, but the way things go these days he'll get ten hours community service, a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again.

Oooohhhh, when I finished my first HAED a few weeks ago, I got this!

I'm so proud! LOL!

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Green-Party said...

Cool Job, I like it but I'm more of an activis type in California.