Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Burglary Update

Seems like it's been all go here today. Someone came from the shop where I was buying my mobile phone from to take some details - it's covered by insurance from there and I hopefully won't need to make any more payments for it. While he was here the man from SOCO came back again - with a very dishy mate - to take a cast of the footprint in the back garden. This is the same footprint that he was going to do on Saturday and didn't have any hairspray for. It appears that there have been some developments however so he decided to come back and try again. It's setting overnight and he'll be back again tomorrow to get the set mould.

Also, someone from the police station has been on the phone several times today, asking for more detailed descriptions about the stuff that was stolen, serial numbers etc, so that if anything is recovered they can be more easily identified and hopefully returned. Then later on, while I was out picking Dene up from work, the lady from the station rang again and asked Craig if we would be in tomorrow at 8.30am as someone is coming round with some stuff for us to try and identify. I sincerely hope it is our stuff, most especially Craig's laptop and maybe one of my mobile phones, if not both.

Fingers crossed, eh?

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