Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Baby...LOL

You lot are going to be soooo sick of hearing about this. PMSL. But I don't care.

Kate had her booking-in appointment at the health centre this afternoon. The midwife still doesn't know how far on she is, but she felt Kate's stomach and used the little machine to listen for the heart beat. She did find it eventually and we all heard it. It beats the old days when they used one of those little plastic ear trumpet things and put one end against your belly and listened with their ear at the other end.
The midwife arranged for Kate to have a scan tomorrow. She couldn't get an appointment at the hospital in Blyth, so we have to go to the Wansbeck up in Ashington. It's not a problem with the car, and I'd rather it was done tomorrow than have to wait till we get back from Ireland. Hopefully we'll get a photo and I'll scan it in when we get back. Unfortunately it won't be till early evening as her appointment isn't till 4.20pm. Sigh.

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Heather said...

Good luck with the scan Kate. Have you told your ex or would you prefer he kept well away?