Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Event???

My daughter Kate has just found out that she's pregnant! Now this is great, apart from the fact that she split up from "the pillock" at New Year cos he was shagging about with other people and she hasn't seen him since. This means that she's at least 16 weeks pregnant - we think - and the baby will be due in September. I don't think it's really sunk in with her yet.
She has to go to Sure Start on Monday morning to get sorted out with a midwife etc and with any luck they'll arrange a scan for her and we'll find out for definite how far on she is. She is already on the housing list but she'll probably have to fill in another form and hopefully she'll get something sooner than she would normally. Now we have to start stocking up on baby things, 5 months isn't long! And oh god...I'll have to KNIT! I hate knitting. I CAN knit, but I get bored with it and try to avoid it if possible.
Things are going to be tight for a while as none of us are working, and baby things are so expensive, but if we get something every couple of weeks she should be ok for starting out.
Now don't anyone dare call me Nana, cos I hate that name.


Lynn said...

oops fancy you being a GRANNY rofl

I'm very happy for Kate and hope every thing goes well for her (((hugs)))

Sharon said...


Sue said...

Congratulations to Kate hope all goes well & congratulations NANNA LOL


Sue said...

Congratulations to Kate hope all goes well & congratulations NANNA LOL


Heather said...

Congratulations to Kate.

Jacqui, you could always crochet a few things ;)

Julie said...

Congrats to Kate

Jacqui, are you a member at 'freecycle' you might just be able to get some stuff that folks are giving away for free, bigger things for little ones hardly get used before they grow out of them??

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, that is great news!

Try Freecycle for baby stuff I have heard it is brilliant and join all the baby clubs as you get loads of coupons that help!

Stitchingranny said...

Congratulations Granny lol you will adore it whatever it calls you lol.

Babies grow so quick its really worth looking at 2nd hand clothes as they usually still look like new.

Paperfaerie said... there a local NCT up there if so they have Nearly New Sales and the stuff is usually great, I went to one last weekend and bought stacks of things for £40, all NEXT and GAP outfits at 50p each etc...worth a check out

Jacky said...

pm en route via Yuku ;)