Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Stage Version

Last night Craig and I went to see CCBB and it was absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I loved every minute of it. Regular readers of this blog may remember that I got a ticket for Christmas (and Craig got one too so I didn't look a total saddo going on my own - LOL) and I've had to wait four months to go and see it. The film version is one of my all time favourites and I'll watch it over and over again, if only to annoy everyone else in the house.
We left home just after 5pm last night, hoping to get something to eat in Sunderland, but all the places in the vicinity of the theatre had stopped doing food before we got there. By this time the doors were opening so we just went to the theatre bar and had a drink before we went to our seats. We were in the stalls, quite near the back, but in the middle, and we had quite a good view of the stage.
Matt Baker (a local lad who used to be a Blue Peter presenter) played Caractacus Potts; Tony Adams who played Adam Chance in Crossroads played Grandpa Potts and Rachel Stanley (who I've never heard of but she's done lots of theatre) played Truly Scrumptious. And the dancer Wayne Sleep played the child catcher. Of course the star of the show was the car itself. As far as I know it's one of the original cars that they used in the film.
Yesterday Kate and I went to Sure Start here in Blyth to the Early Pregnancy session with a midwife. Because she's so far along we stayed behind after the one hour session so that the midwife could sort her out with a booking in appointment, which is this afternoon. She came home with another stack of books and leaflets.
Today she'll have blood taken for loads of different tests (half of which they didn't do 20 years ago when I was having kids). She's never had blood taken before - apart from her heel prick when she was born - so that could be interesting. She'll be booked in to the hospital of her choice and with any luck they're going to try and arrange her first scan for tomorrow. Apparently she should have been taking folic acid in the first few weeks, but since she didn't find out till last Wednesday that she was pregnant that wasn't possible. And Kate has felt the baby moving so she may be more pregnant than we originally thought. Hence the need for a scan ASAP.

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Jacky said...

Wow! you must be stunned with how fast this is all moving - at least the 9 months won't drag!!