Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Few Finishes

Thought I'd show you a few things I've finished recently. First off, three biscornus. These are very quick to stitch, it's the making up that's a pain in the bum cos they're so fiddly, especially when they're quite small, as these are.

And I've also done some knitting for my imminent grandchild. We bought a car seat yesterday and as the weeks go by we'll get a few more things. I've borrowed some knitting patterns from a neighbour, but whether I get to do anything bigger than mitts and bottees remains to be seen. of my gorgeous blog readers, Jacky, is going to knit some things, as are Kathy and Marilyn.


Anonymous said...

Those biscornus are lovely! So is your knitting, but I'm like you - I quickly get bored with it. =)

Christina said...

Your stitching is beautiful as always. Great job on the knitting. How nice of your friends to help you out.