Thursday, April 03, 2008

And not so good...

Bloody hell!!! I was woken up at 7.30am this morning by my mobile phone ringing...or rather laughing. It was someone from one of the jobs I applied for last week, asking me to attend an interview either later on today or tomorrow. I told her that tomorrow would be better, so I have to go in for 9am. I don't DO mornings and I'm going to have to be up at about 7am then contend with rush hour traffic to get to North Shields. The vacancy is for an office junior. Can you have 42 year old office juniors? I daresay we'll find out soon.
Then not long after I got up I had a text message from Lynn from Shropshire, who I was supposed to be meeting up with today. She's up here visiting her Mam who is ill, and she texted me to say that she wouldn't be able to make it today as her Mam had a bad night last night and she didn't want to leave her, which is fair enough. Mothers take precedence over friends.
I had some things on eBay that I've been trying to sell, but people just don't seem to be interested. I've relisted half a dozen things but if they don't sell this time round I'll just stick them back in the attic, or try giving them away on Freecycle.


lena-lou said...

Best of luck for tomorrows interview, fingers crossed and all that :))

Hope your friends mother will be OK!

I don't do mornings either especially ones when I get woken up unexpectedly ;-))

Christina said...

Sorry you were woken up so early. Good luck on the job interview.