Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday, after I came home from taking the GW Sampler round to my parents', I did some work on this Footprints project that I'm doing for Marilyn. Well, actually, it's a bit of a joint effort as Craig is doing most of the writing - I can't stand backstitching! The top picture is after a couple of days of stitching. Craig had already done that much backstitching and I made a start on the picture in the corner.
Today I did some of the backstitched wording, some of the border of the bottom right, and some more of the footprint picture. Marilyn would like this back finished by Christmas if it's at all possible. We shall certainly do our best to get it back to her by then. It's quite a nice kit but I don't think it's one I would do for myself. More updates to follow...obviously.
I've also done another square on my Ozark Sampler SAL to try and get it finished before I start the 2007 one. I want to do a bit more before I take another photo of it though so you'll have to wait for that one. LOL.

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