Saturday, December 02, 2006

Stash Attack!

I will really have to stay away from the Attic this close to C'mas. I was in there the other day and spent a small fortune - some threads, some pressies for a couple of people and some newly dyed fabric that Jayne does herself called Cranberry Milkshake that is absolutely gorgeous.

In the mail yesterday I received some DMC threads from Alli in Canada in exchange for a couple of magazines I sent her, which left me needing 20 threads to complete my collection of DMC. In today's post I received a book from the Craft Club called 'It's All About The Beads' which I'm really going to enjoy. And then there was the trip to the Attic! Oh boy! I had a field day in there today. I got the final 20 DMC threads to complete my collection - YIPPEE! - and all this other stuff.

20 DMC threads
22 Carries Creation threads (only need 19 for full set)
LE Dragon Floss threads
Count On Me Fabric (Jan - Garnet (Jayne dyes these herself))
2 Dragon Shades fabrics - Mermaids Message & C'mas Candy
2 Sassy's Fabrics - Purple Passion & Pumpkin Pleasure
2 Sugar Maple Fabrics - Summer Romance & Spoonful of Sugar

I'm in about eight collectors clubs but I only need 19 threads for Carrie's Creation so might have to change that one after next month.

I'm sitting here freezing. Mollie is lying in the doorway asleep. I think she's scared she might miss someone coming in. LOL. Dopey dog. It's alright for her, she's got a fur coat, she's nice and warm.

I haven't done a pick of stitching today. But I'm going to devote most of tomorrow to Footprints and try and get that bottom left corner finished. If it's not finished by C'mas then it won't be a kick in the pants off it.

I'm watching TV, waiting for Take That to come on. I was never really a big fan of them when they were huge, but I quite liked some of their songs. It'll be nice to hear some of the oldies again and sing along. Thankfully everyone is upstairs so I can wail as loud as I like.

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Little Grey Cat said...

Hi Jacqui

That sounds like stitching stash heaven! What a lovely day you've had. Those fabrics sound scrummy. You're lucky to have such a good local needlecraft shop. I've only got Hobbycraft and you know what that's like - essentials only, nothing fancy. I might have to talk Alan into a trip to Wye Needlecrafts in Bakewell soon as that's a cool shop like Jaynes Attic sounds, but it's an hour and a half drive away.

I didn't know Take That were on tv. I'm like you, not a huge fan but I do like their songs and would have enjoyed listening to that too. Oh well, maybe it'll be repeated on one of the other channels.

Hope you are well and happy stitching.