Saturday, December 23, 2006

Total Madness

We went food shopping in Asda at 6am this morning, thinking that it wouldn't be all that busy. Think next year I'll be going at 3am instead! It was total madness in there! The car park was full - luckily I managed to get the one remaining disabled spot - and we got inside the shop and it was absolutely HEAVING! Of course, we had to manoeuvre around stock trolleys, people who leave their trolley in the middle of the aisle and go off to look for something. Thankfully the old biddy brigade weren't out that early, apart from my Mam, but she went off on her own and did her shopping. She was finished and waiting for us a good 10 minutes before we even got to the checkout. The checkouts were chockablock, and the disabled one was four deep. Of course, none of the people waiting in line before us were in a wheelchair or on a scooter, but they all had trolleys piled high. The supermarkets are only closed for two days! Why does everyone have to stock up like food is going out of fashion? Our trolley was less than half full, and most of it was stuff for Boxing Day - wine, beer, fruit and veg etc - but other people were buying boat loads of stuff! Roll on January. Oh, and I was up in the middle of the night to do the blooming shopping and now I'm knackered and ready to go back to bed. But I can't cos I'm going to Jayne's Attic in about an hour.

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