Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Very Productive Christmas Day

I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday. We were up at about 7.30am. By the time everyone was ready it was about 8.15am and time to go round to Mam and Dad's for the day. Dene and Ian walked round with Mollie while Craig and I went in our separate cars (needed to bring back all the pressies!) Dene was Santa, well he did have the costume, and once he'd dished out all the gifts we set about opening them.

I had more and bigger presents than anyone else so I was VERY happy. I received...

  • 4 Friends DVD box sets (I now have the full set of 10)
  • Foot spa
  • Nike Shock trainers
  • Slippers
  • Ankle boots
  • Book about making fabric boxes
  • The Proper Stitch book (when it arrives from the US)
  • Sue Grafton book
  • Torville & Dean DVD
  • £40 gift token for Evans
  • Lorri Birmingham chart - January/Garnet
  • 18 Carrie's Creation threads - need 1 for full set
  • Bottle of Mint Chocolate Baileys
  • Tin of Quality Street
  • Smellies from The Body Shop
  • Burberry Gift Set (smellies)
  • Personal Organiser/Filofax
  • Paperweight
  • Smellies from Lush
  • Porcelain Thimble painting kit

Think I got a few more things too but can't remember what!

Dene was more than happy with his new TV and Craig received this new laptop back in October when I was bored and laid up in bed. He did have a few more things to open too though. Everyone else seemed to be happy with their presents. After lunch we played the DVD game 'Deal or No Deal' which seemed to take up most of the afternoon. We just had a buffet tea as we weren't really all that hungry. We came back round home a couple of hours later after loading the cars up. Then we just chilled out for the rest of the night and were able to have a drink.

Today was spent at home. Mam and Dad came round here at about 10.30am, half an hour after I'd returned from collecting Matty from his house. Ian and Craig were in charge of lunch and a bloody good job they made of it too. It was yummy. For pudding they made trifle and Ian made some meringues to with it. I don't like trifle so I had my own meringues with some fruit and cream. They were lovely, nice and crisp on the outside, soft and chewy in the middle. My brother Kevin was supposed to be working today but he'd only had three taxi jobs all morning so he came round for lunch too. We played Family Fortunes DVD game in the afternoon, followed by Ian's Little Britain DVD game. After another buffet tea Mam and Dad left and the rest of us played cards for a couple of hours. Kevin left soon after that and Craig and I were able to chill out and have another drink, and watch TV.

Tomorrow Dene is back at work; Kate doesn't go back till 2nd January, which is peeing Dene off immensely. LOL. I'm not planning on doing very much. I have to take Ian to Asda as he received two CD's the same and as I have the receipt for one of them it can go back. He can come with me and choose what he wants instead. I might get some of my stitching back out and do some or I may watch one of my many new DVDs. Haven't quite decided yet. Hmmm...decisions decisions.

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