Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finished it!

Well, I put the final stitches into this sampler this morning, and I even remembered to initial and date it. I was well impressed. LOL. The photo doesn't do it justice, the editor on this laptop is crap. I think I'll have to install Photoshop, at least I know what I'm doing with that. I have taken the sampler round to Mam & Dad's so they can take it to the framers, then it has to go up to Alnwick with the C'mas presents and hidden.
On the home front, our washing machine has gone belly up. There were some clothes in it when it decided to conk out so I had to take those with me this morning and spin them in Mam's machine then bring them back to bung in the tumble dryer. The engineer is coming out sometime tomorrow to hopefully fix it. And I missed the postman this morning...he had a parcel for me that wouldn't fit through the letter box so will have to ask Craig to get it tomorrow for me.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Ooooo wow that is lovely well done sis.

Huh guess I am goning to have to get some serious stitching in over the enxt couple of weeks he he. Got some robins to get stitched and posted, so Sam will have to be put away this weekend.

Hugs xxxxx