Saturday, November 25, 2006

Doesn't she scrub up well?

It's Kate's works Christmas party tonight and I managed to get her and Matty on camera just before I dropped them off at a local pub where they were meeting a couple of other people. This photo really does not do her justice. The decoration on her dress is silver bugle beads and they're very sparkly, which you can't tell on here. And she's wearing high heeled slingbacks. She had her hair curled specially, normally it's as straight as anything. I know I'm a bit biased but I think she looks lovely. Bet she doesn't come home looking as immaculate though, I know what she's like when she's had a drink. LOL.

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Kate said...

I do scrub up quite well your right even if i do say so myself hehehe. That would have been a good pic of me and Matty if he didnt have his eyes closed and i didnt have my mouth open lol.