Monday, November 20, 2006

Driving Instructors!

Kate is due to take her driving test - first attempt - in less than two weeks. Her female driving instructor has never been very good at keeping appointments, but now she is pregnant and is even worse. She cancelled Saturday's lesson 5 minutes before the lesson was due to start, and so they arranged a two hour lesson for this coming Saturday instead. However, the instructor, Sam, texted Kate this morning and told her she could have a two hour lesson on Sunday at 10am instead. It's Kate's works C'mas party on Saturday night and no way on this earth is she going to be in a fit state, let alone under the legal limit, for a lesson at that time of the day. So Sam asked Kate if she could do an hour on Thursday and an hour on Friday after work instead. As Kate really needs to practice her manoevres more than anything else this isn't really ideal as it'll be pitch black, and she's better at doing them in the day time, after all, her test is through the day. Kate told her that would be no good.So, this morning, I've been on the phone, trying to find a female instructor - AT SHORT NOTICE - who can give her a two hour lesson on Saturday and two hours on her test date, with possibly a couple of lessons inbetween after work just to get used to driving a different car etc. Do you know how many driving schools there are in the yellow pages? And how FEW of them have female instructors?And now half an hour later, it appears to be sort of sorted. I rang a lady who can give her a two hour lesson on Saturday morning, but not the test. So Kate is going to postpone her test and rebook it for about four weeks time so that she can get used to the new instructor. I am so mad though. GRRRR!Rant over.

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