Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Dancing

I know this is gonna pee Kathy off immensely, one of the reasons I'm posting this at this time of night, but I have another finish. This is Heaven & Earth Designs (HAED) QS Silver Branch by Ian Daniels. No doubt Kate will end up with it, she ended up with my other HAED.


Kathy said...

Lol cheers sis, but I will soon catch up with you again he he he.

Just you wait and see.

hugs xxxxxxx

Little Grey Cat said...

Good grief you have been busy and you've done loads of posts since we found each others blogs last week too.

I love this HAED design - so pretty.

Good luck to Kate with her new driving instructor and her test. I hope the sudden and untimely change of car doesn't mess it up for her too much.

natty68 said...

Congrats on the finish :) She is looking lovely :)

Good luck to Kate from me too, I hope she does okay with the different car. I am sure she will sail through her test with flying colours..


Heather said...

She looks amazing Jacqui. Well done on the finish.