Sunday, April 10, 2005

Trip to York

On our way back from Nuneaton today we decided to have a side trip to York. Jayne had been on about it last night at the club, and she recommended we have a visit to The Viking Loom for a look at their stuff.

So after a shower and getting ready, we vacated our room at the Travel Lodge and headed north. We were starving by about 9am so we stopped off at McDonalds for a breakfast McMuffin. Now this proves how hungry I must have been because I HATE McD's and usually avoid it like the plague. However, the bacon and egg McMuffin was delicious, washed down with a cup of hot chocolate. YUM!

We got to York at about 11.30am and decided to go on one of the bus tours, it being one of the best ways to see all the sights without actually having to walk.

This took almost an hour and when we got off the bus in the same place we got on we were ready for something to eat. First of all though we had a wander up to the Minster for a quick look and a photo...

I had wanted to go into The Viking Loom for a look at their stitchy stuff, but it was closed. It just means we'll have to have another trip to York when it's open.

We went to a pub called The Hole In The Wall for our lunch, and had a very nice roast pork and apple sauce sandwich. It was delicious. We then went back to the car and headed for home, eventually arriving back at about 3.30pm. We were both absolutely shattered by this time, Craig more than me probably as he's the only one who drives, so we went to bed and had a nap for an hour.

All in all we had a brilliant weekend. It was fab meeting up with all the Aion ladies, some of them again, but most of them for the first time. And the charity event was an added bonus. We'd never thought of staying over until Jayne suggested it, and I'm really glad she did. I think we'll do that again the next time we go to a GTG, and we're definitely going to make more time for US to have weekends away in the future. The kids are old enough and ugly enough now.

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Ashleigh said...

Love the pics :) My friends went to York a couple of years back and also ate at the Hole in the Wall pub!