Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Busy Week...Sort Of

Monday morning saw us tootling around on various missions - I needed threads, Craig was after a breeding trap for the aquarium as he thinks the female guppy could be preggers, and I needed to post a couple of things. I posted a RR then we tootled up to Stakeford to push some money through Jayne's door for the new set of Dragon Flosses that were due out today. We ended up going into Jayne's for a cuppa and were roped into doing some work. Not that I minded as it meant I got to fondle all those lovely threads while I was sorting them out and doing a stock take. I also checked the Dragon Fabrics while I was there, and Craig did the ironing!
Jayne can be such a laugh and I'm glad we get on well.
We left at about 4pm and went to the garden centre to get my threads, the trap for the tank and a couple of angel fish before going to collect Kate from work.
Yesterday I had a quiet morning sewing. I had to design a chart for one of the RR's I'm doing as I just couldn't find anything appropriate. I hope the person it's for likes it. In the afternoon we were at the gym. I did half an hour on the treadmill and walked just over a mile, then Craig and I played badmington for half an hour, with a rest in the middle. I thought I would be aching again today, like I was last week, but surprisingly I'm not. What a relief! Mind you, I have had a nap this afternoon as I was absolutely shattered, and had a really weird dream. Tonight I'm off to bingo if Jayne remembers to come and pick me up.

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