Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mid Week Ramblings

April already! At this rate it'll be December before I know it and I'll be panicking about Christmas. Every year I say I'm going to start early, but every single year December creeps up on me and it's one mad dash round the shops to buy everything I need. I am so disorganised. Enough about Christmas!

We invested in a second car the other day, just to use as a run-around mainly, but also so the kids can learn to drive - one they get their provisional licences - and so that Craig and Ian can work on it. I think Craig has missed not having a wreck to work on in the last year, and his almost monthly visits to the scrap yard for bits. The 'new' car is a red G reg Nissan Micra, and it's mostly ok. I think Craig has to adjust the brakes later on today.

At the minute Craig has taken Dene back to the Metro Centre to try and get his phone replaced or fixed. It keeps switching off for no reason. He's only had it a couple of weeks so it shouldn't be knackered already. Hope they manage to get it sorted.

Ian has a couple of interviews next week for apprenticeships. He'll have to have the day off school on Thursday as they're both in Newcastle. Originally one was at 10am and the other 12.30pm, but the first one will take about three hours so he's had to change the time of the second one to 3pm. I hope he manages to get between them ok, he's going to have to go on the bus and the Metro and he hasn't had to do that by himself...ever!

Craig and I are off to Nuneaton on Saturday to meet up with some other people from the Aion board. The last Get-Together (GTG) was last October and there were about a dozen of us there altogether. We took some of our work to display on tables and something to work on while we were there, but to be honest I don't think there was much stitching done...we were too busy chatting and laughing. This time there are even more people going so it should be a good laugh. I'm looking forward to meeting some new faces and putting names to them. There are even two ladies coming from abroad - Athalie from Australia who is over here on holiday, and Hege from Norway (I think). So we won't be the furthest travelled this time. After the GTG there are a few of us heading off to the pub for a meal before we disperse and make our way home.

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kelly said...


Sorry, good luck with the busy lives. One day you will retire. You may have nothing to do on those warm Summer evenings. You will look back on your life and think ... well, at least we got the breaks fixed that time on oh-5.