Sunday, April 10, 2005

Nuneaton Get-Together

Yesterday we were up at the crack of dawn (5am) so that we could trundle down to Nuneaton for the Aion Get-Together (GTG). We got ready, loaded the car up and set off at about 5.45am. Traffic was fairly light at that time of the morning, in fact it wasn't too bad all the way down there, and we made it to the scout hut by about 10.30am, after a side trip to Dobbie's Garden Centre to get a couple of gift bags.

Most people turned up not long after us, and there were a few there when we arrived. There were loads of us! As you can see from this photo.
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Four of us had taken our Marquoir samplers along to compare notes.
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Left to right: Jo, Sarah, me and Clare.

Everyone had a great day, and again there wasn't much sewing done, we were all too busy chatting. I think the quietest we were was when we were eating lunch...oh and when Nicola's husband Keith was taking the group photos.

After clearing everything away at about 4.30pm, some of us went to a local pub for something to eat. Craig gained himself a new daughter. Heather's little girl Marion adopted him as her Dad and she spent most of the time in the pub sitting on his knee and calling him Dad. She's such a funny little thing and really cute. By 7pm we were all ready to head for home. Apart from Craig and I that is. We'd already booked into a local Travel Lodge and had been and got changed late on in the afternoon. Once we left the pub we made our way to the Abbey Social Club as there was a charity event on there that Jayne had gotten us tickets for. Everything that was raised was going towards the Meningitis Trust.

We had a really good night there. First of all there was a young lad singing, then a woman singing, and then a trio of singers. One of them was called Gordon and was Ursh's husband. Ursh is Jayne's best friend is belongs to one of the Yahoo Groups that I'm a member of. One of the trio, Matt, is a professional singer and he was really good, both with the other two and also when he did a solo spot towards the end of the night. Unfortunately we weren't sitting near Jayne and Ursh and were in the corner, which made getting in and out a bit difficult, but we still enjoyed it. They managed to raise over £1100 from the event. This is going to be put with the other £2000 they've already raised and Matt is taking part in the London Marathon. All his sponsorship money is going to the Trust too.

By the time we got back to the Travel Lodge we were absolutely shattered, so it was straight to bed for us. We didn't take much rocking!

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