Friday, February 13, 2009

Visit to Lynn

After a delicious breakfast in the B&B this morning we tootled into Chester to have a look round the shops. I bought Craig a new watch, it's not copper but it's something he needed and what he asked for, so that's what he got. He hasn't bought me anything yet. We then went to find Evans as Craig was going to buy me a couple of new pairs of trousers. We eventually found the shop but they didn't have any trousers in my size. I asked if they had anything in my size and although they reckoned it was one of the most popular sizes, they didn't have a single item. If it's so popular why don't they stock it??? I told them it was crap and walked out.

After that we went to a pub for a drink as we were both dying of thirst before driving over to see Lynn in Whitchurch. We caught up on all the family gossip and had a good laugh. We had Chinese takeaway for dinner tonight - Craig's was so big he had to have it in serving dish rather than on a plate. Lynn just couldn't resist taking a photo. We stayed about another hour and a half before returning to the B&B. Now we're sitting relaxing in our room with a drink, me with the laptop, Craig with my DS. LOL.


Lynn said...

It was lovely to see you both again Jacqui and to catch up on the gossip. I'll never have a chinese again, with out thinking of Craig's rofl
Drive carefully home, and let me know you get there safetly x

Geordie_Princess said...

OMG cant believe how big Craigs bowl is lol did he eat it all?

Clare - Aimetu said...

It sounds like you had great fun, Chester is a fab place. Chinese mmmmmm :)