Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chester Weekend

I've never mentioned this lately - at one point when Ainsley was being a pain I was refusing to come away at all! - but this weekend is our wedding anniversary. We were married 7 years ago on Valentine's Day in Nottingham Register Office. Seven years is something of an achievement for me as I've never actually made it to seven before. So we decided to do something special, and have come to Chester for a long weekend to celebrate. We travelled down from blizzards in Northumberland this morning and arrived here about an hour ago where there's no snow at all - thankfully, I hate snow.
I hadn't realised how close Chester is to Whitchurch, so tomorrow afternoon we're off to visit my friend Lynn and catch up with all the news. And hopefully on Saturday or Sunday we're going to go and visit another friend Karen in Stockport. Tomorrow afternoon we're going into Chester city centre to 'do' the shops. Seven years anniversary is Copper...what the heck am I supposed to buy him that's copper? Other than one of those copper bracelet things for arthritis! Which is a bit pointless when he hasn't got that. Sigh! LOL. I'll think of something.
I think we're eating out tonight, there's a place just along the road from our B&B called The Oakland which looks promising, and it's within walking distance so we'll both be able to have a drink. Might look it up on the net actually and see if we need to book or anything.
Will do more updates later. Have a good weekend everyone.

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