Sunday, February 15, 2009

Busy Day Today

We've had a busy day today. This morning we went to Knowsley Safari Park which is over by Liverpool. We went round a couple of times to make sure we saw the animals we missed the first time round. There was a lot of empty space, and in my opinion it's not as good as West Midlands Safari Park, but it was a day out and we enjoyed it, although the weather wasn't crash hot.

After leaving the safari park we made our way over to Voirrey Embroidery. They had lots of nice stuff, but a lot of it was kits and I don't like buying kits. I'd rather buy the chart and use my own stash. I did buy something for Kathy's birthday though, and some pieces of patchwork material, and I'm sure I bought something else but I can't remember what. Can't look in the bag either cos it's in the back of the car. LOL.
This afternoon, after having something to eat at the craft centre where Voirrey is, we came back to Chester and went to the cinema to see Slumdog Millionaire. Good film, definitely be getting it on DVD when it comes out. By the time we came out of there we were hungry so we parked the car up outside the B&B and went to the Oaklands over the road, just for a change. We're creatures of habit, Craig and I. Now we're back in our room watching TV and finishing off the gin. Breakfast is early tomorrow and once we've had that we'll be loading the car up and heading for home.


Geordie_Princess said...

sounds like u had a good day and don't you mean Craig will be loading up the car lol

Lynn said...

sounds like you have a lovely long week end, and marked your 7th wedding anniversary in style. :)

What you going to do for your next 7yrs? rofl

Lisa said...

Glad you're having a nice break. We've been thinking about going to Knowsley this summer for a day out, Erin absolutely adores animals.