Sunday, March 30, 2008

QS Spirit Of Fire - HAED

On TS, on the 25th of every month, we do a stitchalong for Christmas, where we work on our C'mas stuff. As the SOF is for a C'mas present I decided to make a start on that and worked on it all day. That black bit is the start of the tiger's ear. Yesterday I did a bit more of it, another 2600 stitches in fact, right along the top and down the right hand side. I forgot to take a photo though before I put it away so you'll have to wait till next time for a progress pic.
I hunted out my forgotten patchwork and quilting books yesterday and I've decided I'm going to start and make some things out of them. Not just yet though, I have too much cross stitching on the go, not to mention some thread sacks to finish making up so I can put them on the web site.
Speaking of the web site, there are lots of new things on there - fobs, charts and half a dozen thread sacks. I've been keeping Kate busy making some fobs for me and she really enjoyed herself. I've already sold one and she was dead chuffed.

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Christina said...

You are off to a great start. Wow, I am always amazed how people can needle park and not make it a mess. LOL Looking forward to see it progress