Monday, March 03, 2008

Plane Progress

Let's see if this will work today. LOL.

WOOHOO! This was the fabric when I got it. I started doing the white bits inside the red but when I got almost all the way around I noticed that some of Marilyn's stitching was out in a couple of places. I told her I would start it again on hand-dyed fabric, I started it on Dragon Shades Rumbles of Thunder.

The pic above is after one day.

And this above is it so far today. If people didn't keep phoning me up and messaging me (ruddy kids) I'd have a whole lot more done, but there you are. It's not Malcolm's birthday till later in the year I think so I have plenty of time.


Geordie_Princess said...

Well you would only complain if we never rang you so stop complaining lol :D

Karan said...

It looks great on the hand dyed fabric Jacqui - you've got smokin' needles again! :0)

Julie said...

looking good!