Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bobbin Along Quite Nicely

I had a brainstorm while I was in Spain, and decided I would transfer ALL my DMC threads from the plastic bags I keep them in at the moment, to plastic bobbins. I really shouldn't think at all, it just gets me into bother. I bought a storage box and some bobbins from eBay - cos I'm not going to do it all in one go obviously - and when the bobbins arrived I started winding thread. I wound 200 threads over two days! And still got 37 drawers of threads to go. What's worse of course is the fact that I don't just have ONE skein of each colour. Oh no, that would be far too easy. For example, I have 10 skeins of black, 14 skeins of blanc, 4 of B5200, 8 of 3799. Most colours have at least 2 skeins, if not more. Mostly more. I'm going to end up with a huge pile of threads boxes at this rate. I've bought another two storage boxes but I need more bobbins...LOTS MORE BOBBINS!


Jennifer said...

That is a LOT of thread!!! It might make it easier if you just wind one set of threads onto the bobbins and keep the rest of them in storage, adding to the bobbins when you use up what's on them.

Julie said...

I wind one of each colour and then keep the spares in bags of the same colour and replenish when i need to, it takes up less space