Friday, March 07, 2008


Mollie has a new best friend. She's called Tasha and she lives next door. I'm not sure what make or model she is but she's as mad as Mollie. The bloke next door has blocked all the bottom of the fence between the houses so she can't dig under it any more to get through, so now she jumps the fence...and she's only little. Even Mollie can't get over the fence. Tasha seems to spend more time in our house, chasing Mollie and fun-fighting her than she does in her own house and garden.


Lynn said...

She looks to me to be mostly Staffy Jacqui, and my niece's Staffy can jump well too lol
Hope Molly enjoys her new found friend :)

kathyann said...

I agree she does look like a staffy,sometimes a dog just knows where she prefers to be and the the company she wants to be with!Molly obviously enjoys having her around!
Love from Kathyann and the girls