Saturday, March 08, 2008


As you all know dear readers, I did the plane below for Marilyn. One of the other two things I brought back was Nora Corbett's Caroline - A Portrait In Pink (or something like that!) and I've just taken this photo to show Maz where I'm up to so far. You can see some of the beads that I've started adding to liven it up a bit, she was looking a bit dull. And besides which, I hate leaving all the beading till the end. Same as backstitching. Thanks for looking.

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kathyann said...

Its looking good so far,the beading certainly gives it a touch of glamour!Can't wait to see it finished !(probably tomorrow the speed you go at lol)The plane looks really good hope the hubby didn't open the package and spoil his suprise!Happy stitching,Love from Kathyann and the girls