Friday, June 08, 2007

Off out tonight

It was my youngest son's 18th birthday on Wednesday so we're taking him out tonight for a meal with the rest of the family (apart from Kate who has buggered off to Hull to stay at her Dad's for the weekend - sore subject). I think this is the first year Ian and his Gran haven't seen each other on their birthday - Mam's birthday is 6th June too (Mam was born at 6am on 6th June, 666! We keep looking for the little mark but she must have it well hidden. LOL), as Ian was at college, so we didn't see him either. He went out with his Dad for his first official drink on Wednesday night and after the meal tonight we'll all come back here for birthday cake and more drinks.

We're going to a pub called the Ridge Farm in Bedlington, somewhere Craig and I have been before, and really liked. They do a carvery, but they also have a quite substantial menu to go with it. To save anyone having to drive my brother has arranged a taxi with one of his work colleagues to take us there and back, so we can all drink. That'll make a nice change, though I don't mind not drinking if we go somewhere like that.

I made some more fobs yesterday and they're on my other blog page, if anyone is interested in having a look. I can also make them to order if you can't see one you like. I got some larger lobster clasps this morning so I can now make them to fit scissors. I'm waiting for some more charms to be delivered, and also some more small poly bags, tissue paper and mailing sacks to pack my orders in. I do like to be organised.

I suppose I should go and clear all the rubbish off my chair ready for later. Otherwise we could be short of seats. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Lynn said...

Congratulations Ian. Hope you all had a lovely meal, and enjoyed yourself's. xx

Karen said...

I hope you all had a lovely meal and ian enjoyed his birthday

Sally said...

Happy Birthday to your DS Jacqui.Hope he had a fantastic 18th!

Barbara said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Ian!!