Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hectic Day

Phew what a day! Was up at the crack of dawn cos I couldn't sleep. Sat around stitching for a few hours then got showered and dressed before going into Blyth to change a top that I got yesterday as it was the wrong size. Ended up with three new tops and a new bra. LOL. After that I tootled up to Jayne's to pick up my new L*K flipit bits. I wasn't planning on staying long as I needed to go over to Newcastle and take some cream for my youngest son's tattoo. However, I passed my ex hubby on my way down to his house (Ian lives with him during term time) and we ended up in the pub all afternoon. I was on soft drinks as I was driving, and he was buying. I came home stone cold sober and he went home sozzled. He has to go to work tonight. But we had a good chat and he got a lot of things off his chest than weren't said when we split up in 2000. It cleared the air, although we have always been friends. Not like me and ex #1! Boo Hiss!
Anyway, I'm home again now, debating whether to have a play with my overlocker as I still haven't had a go yet.
  • Karen - those little bags are for ragged threads. It's a little board with a weighted bag on the top for your needles and pins to stick into, and the little bag hanging off is to put your cut off threads in, so that they don't end up all over the floor/table/armchair/any of the above. They go on your table top or the arm of your chair and are really quite handy. Hope that helps.


Lynn said...

what a day you've had Jacqui lol.
If you work out how to use your overlocker, can you give me a hint or too lol

Anonymous said...

Plug that overlocker in & get going! Here's my main tip for overlocking:
Don't pull your fabric out from under the foot like you do with a sewing machine. You can put the timing out if you do & you certainly don't want to do that!! $$$. Just run a chain of stitching off and cut it.