Sunday, May 14, 2006

Nag, nag, nag

I keep being told off for not keeping my blog up to date (you know who you are) so I thought I'd better do something about it before I get nagged some more. LOL!

Since my last post we have been on holiday to Ayr in Scotland. We stayed on the Haven caravan park, which used to be the Butlins park, and to be honest we wish we'd never bothered. The caravan itself was lovely, but the facilities were terrible and the food - we were staying half board - was just crap. However, we did go and visit some nice places, like Robert Burns' cottage, the Auld Kirk, Dundonald Castle and Dean Castle. We didn't think much of the shops in the places we visited and we all came home with money in our pockets. Which makes a change.
Photos:- Top Left - The Auld Kirk, where Robbie Burns' father is buried.
Top Middle - The Burns Monument
Top Right - Brig O'Doon
Bottom Left - Burns' Cottage
Last Monday, the anniversary of my Gran's death, we attended another funeral. This time it was my Uncle Jack's. He was married to one of Gran's sisters and was a really nice bloke. RIP.
As far as stitching goes, I haven't done all that much, although I did finish my square on a RR which should have been done ages ago. I have another three to get done now, but one of them I may send on to the next person on the list and get them to send it back to me at the end so that I don't hold everyone up. I've also done some more stitching on my HAED QS Dragon Fae 1. About halfway through I decided to try the "parking method" which everyone raves about on the HAED message board, and although it takes some getting used to I think I finally have it sussed. I just have to remember to leave the thread where the next stitch will be. I tend to work in blocks of 10 x 10 and it seems to stitch up fairly quickly. Kate has claimed this one when it's finished.
I've also caught up with the 2006 Ozark Sampler SAL. As you can see the effect is going to be that of a stained glass window and I think it's looking quite nice so far. I have a sneaky suspicion that the next part of the chart is out though so I'm still going to be playing catch-up. Sigh!

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Kathy said...

He he eh I am good at nagging Sis lol.

Glad to se ya blogging again. Wow you have been busy stitching. Speak soon.

Hugs xxxxx