Friday, May 19, 2006

Finally finished a RR today...

...the one that should have been posted to the next person about two weeks ago! I was going to just send it on undone and get it returned to me at the end to do, but then I thought, nah, sod it, might as well do it and get it out of the way. And at least Kathy will get it back finished, apart from her bit that she didn't do. I'm now doing the next one on the list from the same group, more flowers, and will hopefully have it finished by the end of the weekend and will be able to post it out on Monday. I'm sure everyone will be heaving a huge sigh of relief.

I have also received the next person's Alphabet RR, so will crack on with that one, and another one due is Tina's RR from the Nutty Stitchers, which is winging its way to me from the USA. I think it's penguins to stitch on that one. This Nutty Stitchers RR is almost finished and I can't wait to receive my fantasy bears back, hopefully all done.

I've stitched a bit more of my HAED Dragon Fae quickstitch and that is almost finished now. Then I'm going to concentrate quite a lot on a photo chart I'm stitching for my friend Sue. I've finished page 1 of 34 (I think) and have done 700 stitches of page 2. There's only about 63000 stitches in this, so shouldn't take me longer than a couple of years. ROFL! Just kidding Sue.

Kate and I were out last night, at an Ann Summers party, held in my friend June's daughter's house. Wendy had prepared a few nibbly bits but I was quite and good and didn't succumb. I won a willy whistle in one of the games, which I gave to Kate, as it was her first ever AS party. She really enjoyed herself. I didn't order much, just a couple of notebooks, and Kate bought some jammies and some she needs MORE!!!

Dene was out last night too, at some drugs thing with work. He went to St James' Park (home of Newcastle United Football Club) and seemed to have a good night. He got home about 5 mins after we did. Tomorrow night he's off out again, to his boss's 50th birthday party at Newcastle Civic Centre. There's a free bar apparently...he'd better not come home sozzled. And if he pukes he can clean it up himself. LOL!

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