Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Long Weekend SAL

There was a SAL on the HAED board over the long weekend so I decided to work on QS Bubbles as much as I could. I managed 2000 stitches, but would have preferred to have done more. It's not actually as dark as this IRL, but I'm not that good at taking photos of my stitching.

Won't be long now till my friend Kathy comes to visit. She's leaving her house tomorrow and staying at her Aunt's house overnight, before making her way here. Her and the boys are hoping to be here by lunchtime on Thursday. Can't wait to meet her at long last. We chat almost every day on the internet, and we've spoken lots of times on the phone. We're hoping to get some stitching done, but considering all we do is laugh whenever we chat to each other I can't see it happening. We shall see.

We took my kids to the beach last night as Mam wants a new photo of the three of them for her birthday. But it was blowing a gale, the light wasn't right and they were freezing. Thought we might get a better day today but still windy and cold, so will have to do some later on in the house when Dene and Kate get in from work. It has to be done today cos Ian is going back to Newcastle tomorrow.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

He He He, see ya Thursday Sis.

Looking forwrad to it.

Hugs xxxxxxx