Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My babies...

...had an up to date photo taken yesterday. Mam decided she needed a new one of them, altogether, with no funny faces, tongues sticking out or fingers behind heads as bunny ears. So Monday night I took them along to the beach and took some photos. Came home and uploaded them to the computer, but they were too dark, the kids didn't smile cos they were shivering too much and it was blowing a gale so Kate's hair was blowing all over the place. SIGH!

Last night when Dene and Kate got in from work, I got all three of them to stand in the kitchen where it's stays light for longer, and took a few shots of them. They're buggers for talking instead of smiling...but finally got four. Today I took the memory card to a shop in the market place and picked the best three photos to print off, then took them to show Mam so she could pick which one she liked the best. I think this is the one she chose.

Kathy and the boys will be here tomorrow...can't wait to finally meet her. Woohoo!


Kathy said...

HIya Sis,

Had a great time and can't wait til ya dome down to visit me.

Kathy said...

Bring it on sis lol. Where's your update he he.

Hugs xxxxxx