Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kathy's Visit

It was a couple of weeks ago now, but this is the first chance I've had to download the photos and bring my Blog up to date.

Kathy, Guy and Mark arrived just after midday on the Thursday. After unloading their car we went in mine up to Jayne's Attic, where Kathy was in 7th heaven, drooling over all the items in the shop. We spent a horrendous amount of money in there, specially as there was a bit of a sale on the HAED charts. I love HAED.

We came back home for tea and did some stitching. Guy and Mark even did some too. They were stitching on binca material, and they did really well. One of them is finished now, the little pink car on the left of the picture and I can't wait to see it in the flesh when I go down there to visit. Hopefully the other one will be finished too.

On Friday afternoon we went up to Alnwick Castle. Guy and Mark really loved it in there, they ran around the whole time, apart from the 15 minute magic show, which was great. The jester involved all the kids, was really funny, and interacted with the adults who were watching with their kids too. There were birds of prey displayed as well and we watched one of the eagles being put through her paces by the handler. You'd think a big bird like this would be ungainly, but she wasn't.

On Saturday we left Guy and Mark to the tender mercies of Kate while Kathy and I went back to Jayne's and spent the whole day stitching. It was bliss. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Kate and the boys did some baking and made a whole load of fairy cakes, including decorating them. We had a couple when we got home and they were yummy.

Kathy, Guy and Mark left early on Sunday morning. They didn't really want to leave, especially the boys. Kathy had a lovely weekend, especially because Guy and Mark spent a lot of time upstairs with Dene on the computers. They loved Dene, thought he was cool cos he has spiky hair. LOL.

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Kathy said...

He He He, and I thought you were going to put the photo of me on threre lol. Phew, Luvs ya Sis

hugs xxxxxx