Friday, June 23, 2006

Photochart WIP...again

Have now finished 8 pages of this current photo chart that I'm doing for Sue. There's no faces or anything yet so I decided it was safe enough to post a WIP photo of it, but this could be the last one. I think it's coming along quite nicely. Only technically have about 5 weeks left to finish it off. YIKES! I'm going down to visit Sue at the end of July and I would like it finished before I go. I might have a day off from it tomorrow though and do something else, like a RR I found in my workbox that I thought I'd lost. Oops! Still got a couple of weeks before it needs posting though so it's not too bad. I also have the Ozark Sampler to catch up with and I would like to put some more stitches in HAED QS Bubbles, as well as maybe start another HAED design by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law for a SAL on the message board.

I've been chatting to someone today that I haven't spoken to for ages, Heather from Nottingham. I met her a couple of years ago at an Aion get-together and she is really nice but going through the wringer a bit at the moment. Her blog - listed to the right - will tell you more.

Kathy has been stitching some more of her mermaids today...can't wait to see it in the flesh. Hmmm, wonder if she'll have it finished before I go to see her. She was telling me that Guy and Mark had their hair cut the other day. They told the hairdresser they wanted spiky hair like Dene's, "cos he's cool"! I had to laugh. I told Dene when I picked him up from work that he is a style icon now. ROFL!

Kathy has also restarted the International Robins back up, but instead of it being on Yahoo she's done it on ezboards. I too have a message board on there, called, surprisingly enough Smoking Needles and all are welcome. Mine has been going for a while but there's not much action on it at the minute. Hopefully that will change in the coming months.

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